Appear Younger Without Gray, This solution is

Kata Motivasi Bijak - aging is a natural process that can not be avoided. One of the signs of normal aging process marked by white hair or gray commonly called gray. causes of emergence, because the hair loses its natural color are called melanocytes, and other pigments are mostly grayish-white color becomes more prominent and filled the whole texture hair. Typically, gray hair is synonymous with early signs of aging, but in some cases, could be gray because of genetic problems, stress, malnutrition, or other health problems. 

Though still young, not infrequently, you can find the man or woman gray. But you can follow some of the following tips to help slow down the process as quoted by page Times of India. Stop Smoking Today more and more warnings about the dangers of smoking. Kata Kata Sakit Hati Kesepian Smoking is a proven health hazard. But, you know, rokokpun be the cause of the appearance of gray hair at an early age. Avoid alcohol, coffee, fast food Alcohol, coffee and fast food is the biggest enemy for skin and hair. Avoid unhealthy food and drink and move on consumption of healthy foods rich in vitamins. 

If you can not avoid these foods and beverages, you can try to reduce the portions. Stress Management Stress is a major cause of gray hair. Kata Kata Mutiara buat Ibu Tercinta Nervous in the long term, anxiety and tension makes the hair lose its pigment. Try to relax by doing meditation, deep breathing, yoga, relaxation, aromatherapy or other activities that can fight stress. Enough Sleep Sleeping 7-8 hours a day is not only useful to keep the hair condition, but also the body and skin. 

Remain Active Do exercise regularly, as this helps to accelerate blood circulation, improve skin condition. Spend more time outside of sports and exercise to prevent gray hair at an early age. Consumption of foods rich in protein Protein is an important component normal to produce melanin, melanin which serves to maintain the natural color of hair and skin pigmentation. Try as much as possible to eat foods rich in protein, such as soy, chicken, cereal. 

Consumption of vitamin B group of vitamins is able to slow down the process of graying hair, ranging from vitamins B2, B6, B12, products included in the family of this vitamin are wheat bread, banana, cereals, dairy products, eggs, green leafy vegetables, meat, and many others. Kata Kata Mutiara Romantis Consumption Cuprum, Zinc, Selenium you can find in everyday foods such as spinach, radish, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts, seafood and mushrooms, fish, spinach, carrots, bananas, wheat, corn, soybeans, walnuts. 

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