History Reveals Lipstick in Ancient Times

Kata Mutiara Cinta - Lipstick has become a mandatory item for women. Besides being able to make the lips more beautiful and chapped, lipstick is also capable of emitting the overall facial appearance. 

Lipstick is perhaps the most provocative cosmetic tool. The color is lit, to draw attention to your lips.

Lipstick also mentioned laden connotations of sensuality and femininity. In ancient times, lipstick was made using strange ingredients that might make you stunned. Ranging from chewing gum, wine up beetles. 

The following are some strange lipstick in ancient times as quoted from Bellasugar :

Ancient Sumerian 

Lipstick is first created, there were used by Queen Schub-ad ancient Ur. Kata Indah buat Ibu Tersayang This lipstick to enhance the red color on her lips. At that time, he used the red powdered formula made of tin and iron-rich rocks. 

Ancient Egypt 

Ancient Egypt was so infatuated with lipstick. They use ocher, natural earth pigments of red, dark red, and other coloring to create different colors. Ranging from different shades of tangerine, pink to black. This proves, that the trend of black or dark-colored lipstick is nothing new. 

Ancient Greece 

In the era of Ancient Greece, is considered cosmetic lipstick only used by prostitutes. At that time these women redden their lips with a mixture of natural ingredients such as red wine and seaweed. 

Ancient Rome

Kata Kata Galau Kesepian - Roman upper class women have a special makeup that handle all their cosmetic needs. Lipstick is widely used Roman women is a reddish purple. Interestingly, the men in Roman times also use lipstick but tend to be thinner. In those days, lipstick has become a kind of indicator of social status.

Middle East 

In the Middle Ages, cosmetic experts in the Middle East, Moors Abulcasis create the first solid lipstick by using a specially shaped mold. 

The Aztec Empire 

The Aztecs grind to make cosmetic cochineal beetle pink to paint aunt. He also used it as a blush on the face, which creates color rosy cheeks.


Queen Elizabeth I is said so in love with lipstick. Kata Kata Mutiara Romantis The secret ingredient to make the lipstick itself is composed by mixing cochineal, gum Arabic, egg white, milk and fig.

Queen Elizabeth I also created the world's first lip liner by mixing plaster of Paris with a red pigment, then leave them in the sun to dry before being used as a cosmetic.

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